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Zamorak should win for novelty

This is a game. This isn’t the real world. We shouldn’t decide on which god to support based on what they stand for but rather what would be the most fun option.

Just think how interesting it would be if zamorak won. New things would happen to the kingdoms of Gielinor. Why keep things all the same when we could have new and fun interesting options?

If Zamorak wins it’s obvious the game world wouldn’t be destroyed. That wouldn’t make sense as it would take an immense amount of resources to graphically alter the entire Runescape 3 Gold game world. In all likely hood only the lumbridge area would be affected.

Potential things that I suggest could happen if Zamorak wins-

- Weakening saradomins rule on the world to allow other factions to come in. There could potentially be more bandos, zaros, armadyl and godless npc’s and story’s to explore.

- A new demon settlement where lumbridge is.

- A quest involving becoming a part of demon society

- A new minigame where you try to keep the demons and black nights out of falador. Maybe it could be a game of who is the impostor white knight?

I thought it’s already been said that the losing side will not have their God die. That’s a terrible decision anyway.

Regardless, this thread speaks the truth. With Saradomin, nothing changes. I don’t care what your silly ideology is, Zamorak, Saradomin, Bandos, Seren, Armadyl Zaros.. None of that. With Saradomin’s reaffirmation of the area, you are pretty much supporting that nothing major different changes in this world. Perhaps some are even doing it rather subconsciously, due to that common mindset a lot of the Runescape community has when it comes to change. Because we all know just how much the Runescape community loves any and all degrees of change in their game, or routines.

If you look at Zamorak winning from a design perspective, a great many things can happen compared to the few that can happen if Saradomin wins. And that’s something that should pique your interest as a gamer. Forget about your little god philosophies for a minute, and choose something from a video game design perspective, and what would add more interesting elements and potential entertainment. You know, what video games are supposed to bring us in the first place.

Things like this are such a good opportunity to leave the metaphorical corner of the room you’ve sat in for years and finally see something interesting. Plus, if you like to chastise Jagex for their lack of creativity, Jagex would actually have to work to implement some of the interesting changes upon a Zamorakian victory. Wheras they probably get a free-day if Saradomin wins.

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Zamorak should win for novelty, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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