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Why is runescape zam armor purple

The Zamorakian warpriest outfit is purple. And pale runescape gold. And magenta. And grey. And dark grey. And orange.

I joined Zamorak because I wanted some sweet red and black evil looking armor. This is some confused mish-mash of colors. I really don’t like blue, but the Saradomin set looks much more cohesive and awesome, no wonder he’s winning -_-

Should I switch allegiance? There’s probably no chance in hell this’ll ever be ‘fixed’, right?

Jagex confirmed the armour will be customisable after the event, for those who cap at least 1,000 divine tears a day post-week 7.

The base colour that cannot be edited (As Jagex is fond of making) is Black for Zamorakian War-Priest, while the Saradominist one is Gold.

It looks fantastic, I don’t see why the arrangement of primary colors bothers you when it fits in pretty well, especially since the design appears to be influenced by what Zamorak looks like.

The solid blue and gold colours of the Saradomin Warpriest outfit make it look more like a dress on both genders rather than robes designed for combat. And those white boots look like they’d be better on proselyte and white armour than as a component of the set.

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