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What are runescape pures

Jagex never liked pures. The problem isn’t that they smashed pures into pieces. The problem was that they waited so long. Once they became the core of combat and Jagex finally decided to smash them, it caused a bigger mess than if they had just done something sooner.

I wish they would fix strength, as they gave the other stats values. I just don’t know when they plan to do something about it.

Pures are accounts that are designed S P E C I F I C A L L Y for pking. They have much higher combat stats than mains there level, and are supposed to own in pvp.

Now they are useless.

Because of the EoC, stats are meaningless. The only thing that matters is your equipment. For example, someone with 1 strength and an ags can hit almost exactly the same as someone with 99 strength. With the extra combat levels 99 strength gives, that means that a level 141, maxed 40 def pure, would be trash in the runescape EoC. Why?
If I am using a godsword and full addy or elite black arm, someone with a godsword who has high defense, will be able to have the same damage output, but have higher health points, better chance of not being hit, and be able to destroy every pure on this game. That means that I am useless in pvp. If you say, get your defence up, then I will get up to the levels of maxed players, which I dont want. This is clear proof of how EoC has affected this game. Hard earned stats are meaningless. 3 years wasted in 99 str.pking is dead time to move on ,many places available for pking just google it.

You first start talking about the uselessness of pures, and then you start talking about the uselessness of strength, both which have NOTHING to do with the other. Then, you say that defence should be useless just to bring back pures. After that, you start complaining that someone with a godsword and high defence defeats someone with a godsword an low defence.

For example:
Account Most Optimized For PvP during Pre-EoC:
99 in offensive stats
1 or low defense

Account Most Optimized For PvP Now:
Attack and Strength are capped at the level requirements of the weapon you plan to use(e.g if you plan to use godswords and wont go farther than that, cap your strengrh and attack levels at 75, make sure they dont get higher)
Defence is the same(if you plan to use at most barrows armour, make sure your defense never goes beyong 70)

Pures definitely do exist and are useful. Pures are essentially accounts that take advantage of the loopholes in the combat level formula. The combat level formula changed and that’s why pures changed. You are, by EoC’s rules, not a pure.

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