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Way to fix the runescape gold cap

At the moment of course, the runescape gold cap is limited by the 32-bit system, likely won’t change anytime soon.
The problem is that some items true value is well over this cap, making the Grand exchange useless for these items, and making these items only really purchasable through item trades.

A possible solution to this, would be to remove 90% of all the gold within the game, and at the same time, remove 90% of the value for every item, rounding to the nearest value.

Now there are several problems with this that I’ve thought of and I’ve tried to think of possible solutions to these;

1. There are many places to store gold, items that contain gold, ways to obtain gold, that it would take a lot of work to ensure that every possible area where gold could be, were changed.
Solution; to ensure that even if a way was found to obtain gold at the old value it would not create a problem, a new type of gold coin item would be put into the game and old gold could be traded in by the player to receive the new revalued gold. The old type of gold would now be untradeable to other players, stores, or on the grand exchange, and its only use would be to be exchanged for the new currency.

2. The biggest problem I thought of would be low valued item, items under 50gp-ish in value. The problem with these items is that they would create the largest opportunity for profit or loss when the new system was implemented.People currently collect item of low value for no reason other to collect them. But if the value of items currently worth 1gp increased 10-fold, large collections of items such as buckets, would also instantly increase the total value 10 times.

Also, items such as spirits shards, that many people have large amounts of, would have to either be increased up to 3gp ea, or down to 2gp ea, causing people to gain or lose a lot of money.Solution; items with low value would need to have a new version of the item introduced into the game that could be exchanged for an equivalent gold value of the old items, the old items would then have to be made untradeable.

The problem with not doing anything with the current system is that the problem will not fix itself, gold will just continue to become more and more deflated, and more and more items will go over the gold cap, until we reach the point where gold is no longer a useful currency in the world of Runescape.

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