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Visit the RuneScape Grand Exchange in northwest Varrock

Complete the RuneScape quests that offer gold as a reward. If you’re just getting started, complete the novice level quests. The All Fired Up quest provides 20,000 gold pieces as a reward. Hazeel Cult offers 2,000 gold pieces. When your skill in RuneScape increases, complete Olaf’s Quest, which will reward you with 20,000 gold pieces and three rubies.

Visit the RuneScape Grand Exchange in northwest Varrock to sell your items for gold. You’ll reach a million gold pieces faster if you sell ores unsmithed, gems uncut and herbs uncleaned. To make a faster sale, offer your items for the lowest price. The items may sell for more gold than what you offered if the buyer makes a higher offer.

If you sell items such as dragonhide armor, steel bars, ranarr weed and seeds, and rune armor, weapons and shields, you’ll make millions of gold pieces very quickly. However, you can get a quarter to half a million gold by selling lower value items such as arrows, ores, runes and bolts.

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