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Urgent all factions hear me

For your future on Gielinor to be one of FREE WILL

Then we really need to stop Saradomin now!!

All factions come together and stand for Zamorak

Cast aside all pre-conceived notions of him being evil and look beyond his appearance! He offers an exciting Future for the world that is adventurous, interesting and diverse!

Why choose to live under Saradomins tyrannical control? Saradomin has had far to strong a choke hold on the world for to long now!

Here I will make a plea to each faction please listen with an open mind.

My fellow Armadyleans
I know it seems our Runescape Gold goes naturally with Saradomin, but look a little deeper, Saradomin will not help us in return and we do not owe him anything- Saradomin has done more damage to Lumbridge than Zamorak (confirmed by in game NPC’S) Saradomins behaviour is unjust!
Also Mod O confirmed Armadyl was never subserviant to Sara and never will be.


Saradomin will be a far greater threat to your god, also, as Zarosians, are you not all aching for the day when Zamorak will be brought before your lord again? I know I want to see this!! Do not support Saradomin, he will abolish all gods including Zaros if he gets this power!


Are any of you even fighting for Saradomin? If you are stop lol he is not the way forward for you- your god wants war- fight against Saradomins forced control!


Your mortal forces will never overcome Saradomins forces if they win now, they are already proving to strong- If you really want to take out gods, take out your most serious threat first! Saradomin!

To little is know of Sliske but I urge his followers to come to Zamorak also as for Seren… Saradomin will not leave you to your peace and tranquillity just as much, only you will have a far more powerful problem if Sara wins!

Guthixians-you respect balance, the war is not Balanced, Sara is way overpowered, balance the scales fight for.

Sadly, I want the armour sets from both sides so I’m currently forced to support Saradomin as much as Zamorak

To the Saradomin fanboy, and pretty much all other Sara folks :

Saradomin wipes out entire races, just because they don’t want to obey Saradomin as their “only Runescape 3 gold“. He destroyed the temple at senntisten. He shot Zamorak in the back in the opening cutscene. Zamorak was probably just going to harvest the tears and be off. Saradomin just planted his base onto NPC houses

The thing that i’m trying to say is : think twice, and you’ll figure out who the REAL evil god is. Destruction is needed, as on the remains of these destructions new life can sprout.

Forgot to mention : it’s still your own choice, but i firmly believe alot of people don’t know what sinister things Saradomin did. Nice thread!

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