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Tweaking lodestones

With the addition of the new lodestones, I think we need them to be tweaked a little bit. I think people would find lodestones more acceptable if the lodestone teleport spell was removed from the spellbook and replaced with the older lunar, edge, and lumbridge home teleports, or even make different ones.

Lodestones should then be changed so that you have to interact with them to teleport between them. This would encourage players to use more teleports in your spellbook or more teleport tabs, making more runes leave the game and giving back advantages to having a higher magic level.

This idea got a lot of support on Runescape’s youtube channel, so I decided to put it on the forums too.

If you don’t agree, please post what sort of tweak you would find acceptable or any other changes to lodestones that should be made.

Guess that’s true lol, but I still think this would still keep lodestones useful as well as making other teleports more worthwhile. I love the convenience of the lodestones and the locations, but when they are better then teleports themselves, they need to tweak something.

I agree again that they are very useful, mainly because I myself do tree runs everyday, but I will still stand strong about my opinion on them.

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