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Trading a lot of projects in RuneScape 2 is more trouble

At first, the only way to create that can not normally be stacked stackable items, put them into a certificate, or they are known as a certificate. Today, in RS2, these certificates replaced by notes, can be withdrawn from a bank, and many of the projects in the form of a piece of paper with a picture of RuneScape Gold and on a number, so you can withdraw. With the creation of new random events, Niles, Giles, and Miles Miles, you can see a cameo as a random event. The certificate is the only way, a large number of projects in the classic.

This festival drop rare items, in the RuneScape Classic. In order of appearance, they are: pumpkin, Christmas cookies, Easter eggs, Halloween masks, Santa Claus hat, bunny ears, and sickle. The new holiday items still to be released in the main version of RuneScape, but must complete a series of tasks to achieve holiday project began yo-yo is very common.

All weapons have the same speed, so almost all of the free play pkers Rune 2 hours sword. Dragon weapons or Master Arena stick. The event of an attack, the player can not escape the three rounds of fighting, so pures work to get strong enough to kill the opponent’s point shooting. There is not running in RuneScape2007 gold classic, catching is a vital skill. Under normal circumstances, the need to maintain good PKers their opponents fighting to stop them from escaping. Timing their attacks with the opponent’s attempt to escape. As a result, opponents will try to escape, they will immediately be trapped another three rounds of the struggle. In addition, you can only eat out of combat effectiveness, so it makes things get busy, the wait to get a chance to run as a player, eat, and then try to eat as much as possible before the fighting began. In addition, there are a large number of wine pures who is the pures reduce their attack less than eight wine trick to get the experience of pure attack, hit the dummy in the Varrock.

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