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The runescape abilities bar

I personally don’t like the Abilities bar at ALL! I feel like its so complicated in so many ways! Like I think if I verse a level 20 in Pvp, he could probably win because of his spam clicks. The thing is..I miss the old simple and kill thing..just click the name or Npc and fight ! Also the special attacks were pretty awesome too! The only thing that would make Runescape Gold 10x better is taking away the abilities bar..It makes the game much more easier and funn!

Before eoc, normal combat was boring. Bosses, with the exception of the QBD, were boring. Pking was interesting at points.
Now normal combat is still pretty boring. Bosses are more fun, and things like KK, and especially QBD and Vorago are a lot of fun.
And Pking is actually fun throughout.

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