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Some methods are quick and easy training Herblore

When it comes to Herblore, there is no one way to train it. Some ways are quick and easy, but costly. Others are timely, but are cheaper. Especially at higher levels, your options become greater and you will need to decide how you will train Herblore. Cost per experience is shown in the table in section 6.1. You will see how much you will have to spend per experience point for every potion, taking into account how much money you get back by selling the potion, therefore allowing you to find a more efficient method.

Level 1–12
To even begin training Herblore, you must complete the Druidic Ritual quest. This quest will give you 250 experience in Herblore, putting you at level 3. At level 3 Herblore, your choice is limited to Attack potions, which require a Clean guam, an Eye of newt, and a Vial of water. Please bear in mind that unless specified, you will need a Vial of water for all further potions. Attack potions are very cheap compared to other potions, so it is recommended to continue making them if you are on a strict budget.

You will need to make eight Attack potions in order to reach level 5 Herblore. Clean guam are easily obtainable from monster drops, while Eye of newt may be purchased from Betty in Port Sarim, as well as Jatix in Taverley. A great method to obtain Clean guam, among other items, is to fight Chaos druids in the Taverley Dungeon.

You may begin making Antipoisons should you wish to.

Level 13–25
From this point on, you will want to keep the majority of herbs that you collect from drops and/or herb patches. Later on, at higher levels, you will need these to save money. Any secondary ingredients for later levels should be saved, as an abundance of secondaries and herbs will give you some free experience later. Slayer tasks, in general, can often provide you with higher level herbs, so be sure to hold onto them.

You may wish to tackle some quests that give Herblore experience: Jungle Potion, Recruitment Drive, Dig Site, The, Zogre Flesh Eaters, and Shades of Mort’ton.

Strength potions are obtainable at level 15, so you may switch over to them at your discretion. They are not too much more expensive than Antipoison, and you will receive more experience. Attack potions still remain the best price option, price wise, and they will continue to be so throughout your Herblore experience. Should you choose to make Strength potions, you will need a Clean tarromin and Limpwurt root.

Restore potions are an more option when you reach level 22, having cheap ingredients—Clean harralander and Red spiders’ eggs. You may choose to make these until level 26, or continue with another cheaper alternative.

Level 26–37
At level 26, Energy potions are recommended. The ingredients are very low cost—amongst the lowest there are—and should not be tedious to sell. You will need Clean harralander and Chocolate dust in order to make them. Aside from quests, these should be your main source of experience for Herblore. These are around the same price as Strength potions, and you get more experience from them.

Further along at level 36, you will be able to make Combat potions—these require Clean harralander and Goat horn dust. They also have a low cost rate, but are still more expensive than Energy potions. However, they grant more experience and will save you some time levelling. It is up to you on which route you will take to get your level up.

There are another set of quests that you will be able to complete now, such as: One Small Favour, Eadgar’s Ruse, or Heroes’ Quest.

Level 38–50
You will be able to make Prayer potions at level 38, but it is recommended that you do not. If you are going for the experience versus money, you may purchase or collect your own Snape grass. Otherwise, it is not worth it to use Prayer potions to train, except if you have an abundance of them from drops.

When you reach level 42, you can make Crafting potions. They are very cheap, but the downfall is that you will have to manually collect Frog spawn, the secondary item. If you are extremely patient and do not mind having to spend extra time, then feel free. Otherwise, you may begin to make Super attack. They are not as cheap as other methods, but they have a higher selling rate and have a very cheap secondary ingredient.

If you have not already, now would be a good time to finish up some of the quests that give Herblore experience, as these will greatly assist you in getting to the level requirement for the Legends’ Quest.

Level 50 +
From here on out, there are many different directions on training Herblore. At level 52, you will be able to make Super energy. These have a moderate price compared to other potions and will be quicker than past potions. A common route for potion making while in training to 99 is Serum 207. However, they are steadily increasing in price due to demand, and are not the best option right now. They are untradeable, and have cheaper, more experience-giving alternatives.

It is suggested to farm your own herbs and collect the second ingredients while your herbs are growing. This makes Herblore and Farming a profitable skill. Every herb seed you plant, will guarantee a profit, as you can get 4 to 18 herbs from one patch. Toadflax seed are a good thing to plant, due to the fact that they are a moderately expensive herb for the price of the seed. However, it is up to you to decide what you wish to plant.

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