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Sliske: This guys a complete enigma

Believe me, I’ll like to help you decide and be converted by us – but I’m a slight tired of various sides believing themselves better than others. I know it’s basically role-playing and the like, but it’s a bit draining and annoying to put up with people who insists on [insert name of runescape gold here] being evil and a poor choice for the world.

I can’t really try to convert you because it might be brainwashing. You gotta decide for yourself. Maybe I’ll ask others if they want to. I joined Zaros without needing to be converted, ya know. Just a example.

Okay so i don’t think there is an appropriate place in the forums for this yet as we are still lacking a ‘Lore forum’ which is a bit grim, so I’ve decided to put it here where all the other lore stuff is.

Okay so i am currently a follower of the Mighty Bandos: God of War. People question me as to why i follow him i give one answer: within video games i love war and combat, however Bandos does not really provide any real goal other than to continue the war. Thus leaving me feeling slightly unfulfilled in my worship…

I have looked at other factions and have pretty much ruled out the following:

Seren: BORING. Lets hide in the woods theory is just a recipe for a boring game in a time of such war.

Saradomin: Always thought this guy was a complete self rightous *** (curse the swearin filter)**** slit his throat straight up.I’m on the wall about Armadyl he seems like a nice guy however straight up peace doesn’t sit right with me in the gaming world.

Now i am mainly open to converstion to the following factions:

Sliske: This guys a complete enigma. That is what draws me to him; the freedom to cause as much havoc as possible just for my own amusement. I believe that Sliske represents freedom more than even Zamorak…

Zaros: I like his followers, Azzanadra is a noble guy and i’d like to work with him in the future. I also like the idea of an ancient power that probably knows what is best for the world more than we do.

Zamorak: Strength through Chaos rings true and he is quite destructive yielding some interesting lore/gameplay. However i fear i would follow my own agenda more following Zamoraks path perhaps giving him a taste of his own medicine given the chance…

The Godless: I care not for Guthix or his teachings. However hunting the gods now i could go for that in pursuit of my own power….

Okay all you zealots out there, preach to my open ears…

I won’t try to convert. It’s truly a foolish thing to do, even if you’re unsure who to believe in. Follow your own heart and realise what is the best thing for the world overall, not just for yourself.

Still, I’m surprised you consider Sliske a choice. Maybe you could hold off your choice and wait for the next upcoming quest ‘Missing, Presumed Death’ – a quest about the underworld and Sliske.runescape money Perhaps it’ll tickle your fancy?

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