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Runescape saradomin is stupid

Everything he says is a lie.

He’s just a heinously characateuristic portrayal of the Christian god. No amount of whimpy “oh but but but” backstory can give him enough justifiable spine to stand up to literally any of the other gods when it comes to purity and clarity of agreeable ideals.

What’s he about? “wisdom, honor, light, glory”? Flowery words he never elaborates on and just hopes your imagination takes well to.

Um, to discuss we kind of need something to go off? “Saradomin is stupid and his followers are stupid” isn’t really enough to get a discussion going.

How about starting with why you think he is stupid, then people can respond and you can get some conversation going.

I can’t defend Saradomin if I don’t know why you think he is stupid, and I also can’t agree with your opinions if I don’t know the reason behind them.

Not stupid. Just arrogant. And not as powerful nor charming as Zaros. Oh and he lies too.

But I don’t think he is stupid. He’s managed to make his followers believe that all the other Runescape 2007 Gold are false and that he is the one true god…Even though it’s glaringly obvious how both Guthix and Zaros can kick him around at the height of their powers. Most good liars are cunning. Now his FOLLOWERS? Oh that’s a different story.

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