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Runescape Nightmare Zone?

Nightmare Zone is a unique mini game brought only to the Old School version of Runescape. It is run by Dominic Onion, who is a mage from Lunar Isle and is located north of Yanille, northwest of the bank. In this mini game, the items you drop manually on the ground will be lost if you die, as you will be taken away from the arena, but the biggest advantage is that you will not lose items on death. That is the safest mini game for you. Buy 07 runescape gold to enjoy more.


What modes does Nightmare Zone have?
There are three modes of playing Nightmare Zone.
1. Practice: In this mode, you need to select a single boss which you have previously defeated in a quest to fight one to one. The game will be ended after either boss or players dies.

2. Endurance: In this mode, you need to fight every boss you have unlocked one to one in waves. The game will be ended after either you defeat all available bosses to you or players dies. Besides, this endurance mode of play has a “Normal” or “Hard” difficulty which can be applied.

3. Rumble: This is an endless mode that you will never kill the bosses until the player dies. Because in this mode, you can fight multiple randomly generated bosses at once and after you killed any single boss, another one will spawn in its place endlessly. In this endless mode, sufficient 07 rs gold will be necessary for you. The difference with other two modes is you can fight not only on your own but also grouped with your friends. Same as the endurance mode, this rumble also have a “Normal” or “Hard” difficulty which can be applied.

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