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Runescape is the best sandbox MMO

Open world, and a rather large one
No linear and forced questing (there are quests, but you don’t have to do them, and they aren’t go here and kill x (well some might be, but there are actual quests in this game)
Skill based.Huge crafting system, whether its grindy or not…but just to cook stuff for example, is more involved than most crafting MMOs.No linear paths (sort of relates to no linear questing)and I’m sure I can come up with more examples of why this is a sandbox MMO.

Nearly every sandbox MMO that is currently released and will be released is an open world deathmatch FPS full loot clone.  The only good one of these that still offers tons of PvE content is EVE Online.

The only other ones that focus on PvE is Ryzom (and that is dead) and Anarchy Online (that is ancient)…SWG was good too, while that was running.

Runescape however focuses mostly on PvE. This is VERY rare for a sandbox game to do. This is almost unheard of in the sandbox world.

Along with that, the questing is actually good…it isn’t go there and kill 10. But you actually have to quest, research, explore and what not…like a proper quest.

And the next update makes the game actually look rather good, especially for a java game.

So for those who prefer PvE…and like sandbox MMOs…Runescape is pretty much the only one out that does this, and will get a more modern look when it gets updated.

I love Runescape and how it is a great sandbox game. Skill based, non linear, and great quests that are not just kill 20 goblins and bring me their left eyeballs. The combat is not perfect but it is better with the Evolution of Combat. I am looking foward to the two new skills and Runescape Gold coming later this year.

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