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Runescape game rewards overhaul

As Jagex doesn’t really care about us, I’m just posting this for myself mostly.
I like thinking of what I would like to see in a mini game, and I lost other peoples opinions.

The mini runescape gold games you will see in this thread are:

Post 2 – Stealing Creation
Post 3 – Void Knight games (Pest Control and Conquest)
Post 4 – Fist of Guthix
Post 5 – Mobilizing Armies (Soon to come)
Post 6 – Fight Kiln (Soon to come)
Post 7-10 Reserved

Rewards overhaul?
Let’s face it, most of the people who play mini games are there for nothing besides the rewards.
Of course there are a few hardcore people who play because it’s fun, but a fun mini game doesn’t do as good as a rewarding mini game.

The best rewards IMO are the rewards that are extremely helpful, not overpowered, and that keep the players going back (repairs, upgrades, high scores), but doesn’t keep someone there longer then it’s worth.

So anyways, let’s get onto the overhaul!

Stealing Creation!

Current rewards:
Clay Tools giving bonus xp until they break.
Clay Armor giving bonus xp in combat, can be repaired.
Clay Shields giving you high defense and life.

The problem with this?
Tools take more time to get then they’re worth, they are also only really used when a player who isn’t particularly wealthy wants to get a few levels in a skill.
Once these players have gotten their levels, they never go back.

What rewards am I suggestion to keep players coming back?

Upgradable Armors:
These armors can be upgraded by paying double what you bought/upgraded them for.
Level 50 Clay Body cost 30 points to get.
Level 55 Clay Body costs 60 points to upgrade.
Level 60 Clay Body costs 120 points to upgrade.
Level 65 Clay Body costs 240 points to upgrade.
(It would work the same way for the helmet, legs, and weapons)

The upgrade will give you an increase to Life Points and Armor rating(accuracy and damage for weapons), it would not increase how much extra XP you get.
It would cost the same to repair a Level 40 clay item as a level 65.
An extra bonus at level 65, you could change your armor even if it was at 0%.

Void Knight Games!

Current reward:
Void Knight Robes
Void Knight Mace
Summoning Charms
Herb, Seed, Mineral Packs

The problem with this?
The armor and life bonus rating is to weak, and can no longer be used efficiently during dangerous activities.

New Rewards:

2 new upgrade sets of Void Knight Robes (Top and legs)
To upgrade you would have to exchange an elite void knight piece and extra points.

Void Knight Constitution – This upgraded set would have the same armor, damage (hidden), and prayer as an elite void piece, but would drastically increase in life point bonus.

(Example for Void Knight Constitution Top)
Armor Rating: +123
Life Bonus: +1400
Prayer bonus: +2

Void Knight defensive – This upgraded set would have the same Life bonus, damage (hidden), and prayer as an elite void piece, but would drastically increase armor.

(Example for Void Knight Armor Top)
Armor rating: +290
Life bonus: +720
Prayer bonus: +2

You can only upgrade to either of these, one piece of armor cannot be upgraded twice (meaning you cannot upgrade a Constitution top to an armor top and get both bonuses.)

You can mix and match to get the damage bonus, so you can wear a Void Knight Constitution top, and Void Knight Armor Legs.

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