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White Dragon by Dragon7350


Come at me Bro! by Sla r


Magnas by Pomar1


A New Dawn by Chrishankhah


Agility Potion by Cherrycake4


Anything Goes Spring by zwart-witvis


Baby Troll by Hello Shelly


Farming Skillcape by Apricotius


Granite Concept by PAWWWWL


I dont want to hurt the cow by Ketra Thorn


Wererat of Morytania by Asha x


Survivorby Asparagoose


Sagittarian Warrior on the Loose by Ria Velatina


Saradomin Godsword by Georbec


Sea Slug by Mask Bone


The Serpent Tongued by Saxspieler


Lydias Corruption by Kalicia


Self Portrait by Mel-o Jel-o


Valentines by Pandora X


Nex by Shipy Nine

Naturally, we love to receive your pictures just as much as we love passing your letters on to Bob, the Sandwich Lady and the KBD (our three most written-to celebrities) and all their friends, so please keep drawing, scanning and emailing them in.Please make sure that you are the artist, though, because nothing makes the Chaos Elemental angrier than claiming someone else’s work as your own! (You may think you’ve seen the Chaos Elemental in a bad mood, but you most certainly haven’t, believe me!)It’s also really great if you tell us your character’s name so you get all the credit you deserve.
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