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Runescape divination suggestion

Overall, I think Divination is an interesting skill. Whilst it’s not boring, it feel’s to be lacking a drive to further excel your level within the skill.
Skills such as Smithing, and Crafting are driven by the desire to craft your own Rune armour to sell on, or create your own dragonstone jewelry, in a way, to further cut out the middleman.
I was expecting a little more from Divination. It just feel’s like a rebirth of Runescape Gold incorporated into the game playing world. Whilst this isn’t a problem for me, I can understand why there is a small group of player’s who are frustrated by this trait it possesses.

I would of thought that the area’s that Divination take’s place in would of been built up to match the skill. But instead, we just received a hole in the ground accompanied by different type’s of wisps. A newly customised area to explore, accompanied by a great amount of lore would of been fantastic, and possibly quenched the thirst that the skill has provided players with over the months.

Now the whole point of levelling a skill is to enable yourself access to the amazing and sometimes, unusual rewards the skill provides.
I felt very let down by the rewards, and lack of rewards on offer from the skill as a whole, and I’ve thought up a few further rewards myself.

The beauty of some of the skills in Runescape is that they interact with each other flawlessly. For instance, Mining and Smithing, Fletching and Woodcutting; just to name a few.
I would of loved to of seen this with Divination!

I’d like the incorporation of the use of energy to provide rewards in other skills, for instance. The ability to enchant bars and infuse them with energy captured from the wisps.

So, for instance, using the Divination skill you can infuse Bronze-Rune bars with any type of energy to create, for example, Bright Mithril Bar, this can be further smithed to create any piece of armour with either a small combat edge in the area’s of magic, melee, range, or prayer, or possibly even just the aesthetic value.

Again, this can be further incorporated into skills such as fletching/firemaking, whereas you can infuse each log with a different type of energy so that the player is able to fletch a Bright Magic Shortbow or a Pale Iron Crossbow, as a couple of examples. This again can either provide a small combat edge, or be just aesthetic value. In term’s of firemaking, the effect’s could be as simple as spirit wisps escaping from the ignited logs providing a pretty awesome aesthetic value, or possibly a small amount of bonus experience.
The infusion of logs and other materials could also contribute to a whole new wealth of ideas, such as a new line of construction furniture to add that magical touch to your POH.

I completely understand that Divination is still in it’s early days, and I hope to see a host of new updates incorporated into Divination to further excel that drive that players like myself, and maybe you desire.

Thanks for reading, and I shall update this further with more idea’s if I do so happen to stumble across any. If you have any, feel free to post them!
Thy Old Nite.

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