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Runescape community friends chat

Originally Hikar-Lidash’s idea from a few years back, the CFC is a friends chat that the community can use to talk casually with people outside of their clan chat, arrange roleplays, and hear about new ideas. When Hikar-Lidash quit, the CFC passed from person to person. After I came back to Runescape gold, I learned there wasn’t a CFC still standing. After talking with Hikar, him and I decided to restart the CFC again; though this time hosted in my Friends Chat, since I’m a tad more active. If you’d like to join my FC, it’s a good place for roleplayers to hang around.

A few easy rules:

1. No topics are particularly banned, but if things get too heated and you don’t listen to my warnings, you’ll get kicked.

2. Anyone can join, whether or not you or I like them. Only if they begin to antagonize will they be kicked.

3. Try not to be a jerk.

4. The ranks don’t mean anything. Infact, there aren’t any ranks for anyone besides chat moderators. If one of the mods is harrassing you, tell me. I’ll talk to them. If they continue, they’ll have their rank stripped, and you’ll get reimbursed. (I’ll write you a love song or something)

*Ellen Eagle

Quick note, if you or I have any disagreements, know that I won’t treat you unfairly or anything of the sort. I’ll probably leave you alone for the most part. As long as you don’t hound me, we can co-exist peacefully.

There are no reserves, post yo.

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