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runescape Bringing Home the Bacon

One of the upcoming quests mentioned for the year was referred to as Bringing Home the Bacon with it being the year of the gods, I could only think of one bacon-related god, Tuska.
For those who don’t know Tuska is a god that was involved with the Naragi’s home planet God Wars along with Saradomin, and Skargaroth.
Tuska is described as boar-like in the Guthixian memories in this excerpt:
Then, I saw it: the beast itself – huge and hoofed like a wild boar, thick hair down her side, and horns arcing over a slavering, hungry mouth. Before my people had died, they had given her a name: Tuska. Tiny, bead-like eyes measured me. I hid my head in my hands and wished for a quick death.

It may be worth noting that Tuska draws a few parallels with the Crommyonian Sow from Greek mythology a great Sow that ravaged parts around Megara and Corinth, until slain by Theseus.

For the last 12 years, we’ve been thinking about bacon. Yes, I know! Only 12 years you say? Well, the truth is that the Cooking skill has always had plenty of things to cook and snack upon, so if we’re going to introduce bacon – the king of meat products – to RuneScape, we have to do it right.

Bringing Home the Bacon really celebrates everything that makes RuneScape quests so special. You don’t need an arch nemesis or powerful world-eating demons to make a fantastic story. Sometimes you just need some crazy NPCs and a good dollop of British humour.

It is a quest designed around comedy and bacon, with the comedy slightly dark and the bacon extra crispy. It features Eli Bacon – a reclusive, slightly suspicious-looking farmer who discovered the delicious secret of pig meat after a tragic accident, involving his prized wrestling pig and a fire. Can you help him keep the pig population sustainable when this knowledge is released to the ravenous masses?

The main quest content is aimed at lower level players but the rewards will scale as you level up, remaining useful all the way up to level 84 in various skills. The biggest of these rewards is a type of familiar that levels with the player and has a choice of support abilities, including restoring prayer points. There are also stacks of bacon and other delicious pork products which can heal 10% more life points than food of comparable levels. Overall, this is an old-school quest with new-school rewards that we hope everyone will enjoy. Perhaps you’ll even meat some other bacon-loving hamateur chefs along the way!

Vorago – Boss Fight with Level 90 Mage Gear (members only)

Vorago is the hardest boss we’ve ever made.

Sure, we always say that, but it’s true – when we develop a new, high-level boss fight, our first objective is to give you one mother of a challenge. This is no exception. Vorago’s a hella-serious opponent who’ll need a truly dedicated group to defeat him.

Vorago is a creature of Gielinor – formed from the very rock that makes up the planet and suffused with the spirit of the world – the Anima Mundi. He wants to know more about recent world-shaking events – especially if the gods are going to start throwing their weight around – so challenging the mightiest heroes of the world seems like a good way to warm up.

Vorago is one of the best looking NPCs we have ever made – check out the recent BTS video if you haven’t already. His design, animations and the environment he lives in, are truly something amazing. He’s also supported by some cracking new audio, making the whole experience of fighting him something rather unique.

Each fight with Vorago takes place across several different stages, with new tactics to learn and attacks to master on each of those stages. His attacks are dynamic, which means they can change depending on the tactics, abilities and techniques you use against him. Plus he’s got plenty of special surprises up his rocky sleeves, as well as several attacks that can spell instant death for even the hardiest adventurer. You’ll need the very best gear and stats if you want to stand a chance against this ferocious foe, and you’ll have think quickly, work as a team and use the environment to your advantage.

The rewards available are just as impressive as Vorago himself. We are introducing new level 90 magic weaponry – a wand and orb that’ll be best-in-slot for kicking out magic damage. There’ll also be the raw materials to make level 90 magic armour, which will require a high Runescape gold skill level to create. There’s also an ultra-rare new pet up for grabs!

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