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Eh so today while grinding for tears I witnessed a player(obviously a bot) run back and fourth between the tear tree and pond. Literally ran back and fourth for around 5-10 mins until the node became unstable. A fair few people were reporting him at the time but then I started to notice alot more people not replying while grinding. A quick google search and bam…

Pretty obvious there is a tear collecting bot our already and would love for Jagex to actually do something about this seeing as how long it is taking us to grind..

I understand that trust me, half of my RS 3 Gold playing is afk however the character that was running back and fourth CONSTANTLY from the nodes for around 10-15 mins was obviously a bot, I mean he was on a node for about a second before he began to run to another and so fourth. He wasn’t even gathering any tears he was changing that quick.. That is when I noticed a fair amount of other players not joining in with conversation and doing same things over.

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