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Runescape 3 the knight’s sword of smithing fast

How to get iron bars may be the only troublesome problem. You can buy the bars in trading post, which will be convenient. I’d like to remind you that never buy two bars at one time since that is not available in the game. If you need tow iron bars, you have to buy it separately.


Speak to Thurgo. He is greedy, you have to give him the redberry pie to continue on. Then give him the picture, blurite ore and iron bars in turn to get your weapons and complete the quest. At last, teleport to Falador to find Squire Asrol again to accept the rewards.

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Blurite ore is in the tunnel, the place I marked with a red square on the map is the place to forge sword as well as the destination to complete the quest. Port Sarim is the only teleportation near the destination. Mine ore in the frozen area as soon as you go downstairs, which will be very easy. You can choose to attack some of the monsters on your way. Remember, don’t mine too much blurite ore, because it cannot be exchanged in trading post. Besides, the longer you stay, the more danger you will meet. It is the place of Ice warriors & giants!!!

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