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Runescape 3 interface

So i have quit/taken a break from rs for a few months now and have been playing another Runescape 3 Gold game which i will not name to prevent locking of this thread, but the first thing i noticed was the interface, some people may like the new spread out thing where you can pull out tons of them so you dont have to switch tabs etc etc… but i and probably some others prefer the old rs2 interface (i mean the inv/gear/prayers/more area). i know there is different option settings but i personally think they should give the option for the full setting that we had where you cant move the interfaces, the option to switch back will always be there but why cant we just use the old interface?

this also included the chat box the money pouch and pretty much the whole layout. they can keep the graphics and stuff but the interface is just not something i like and has kept me from playing the game ever since rs3 game out

i was reading some threads and i saw the term NIS, what does it mean? i was inactive on the game for many months sooooo yeah XD.

honestly once you set it up to a way you like it the new interface isn’t that bad..i admit there are somethings from the rs2 interface i would like returned like the right click clear map function on the mini-map/world map button.
Plus an option to remove the buffs you don’t wish to have showing on your screen or function to remove those altogether.

The layout i have now is as close to the rs2 layout as i could get it…like i said it just takes time messing around with it and you’ll find one you like…once you do add it to custom 1 or custom 2 or use the lock in setup..

Because allowing people to switch between systems would mean that Jagex would have to maintain the code for two separate and incompatible interface systems.

I much prefer the NIS to the old system. I suggest you give it a little time and try creating a setup close to how it used to be.

It’s also worth noting that quite a few features that used to exist (split private chat, f-keys, click-through chatbox among others) are being worked on and will be making their way back into the Runescape Gold game soon. If you have any suggestions as to how to improve the NIS, then there is a NIS Feedback forum.

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