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Runescape 3 broken

After logging in for about 5 minutes on the Runescape 3 Gold HTML5/NSI beta, having to cope with its “Video Loading” in the middle of the screen was more irritation than I was ready for, alongside the only server being in Germany.

So I switched back to RS2.

Everything is black save for the text and the icons such as the coin bar. Minimap shows, but with weird errors I can’t describe. Icons such as Options, Friend chat, etc. are all black, but I can click them.

I’ve tried all the fixes listed on the Tech Support Page, I cleared the Jagex cache manually by deleting the files it listed (Preference files), Uninstalled & reinstalled Java, updated the drivers for my Nvidia graphics card, and I somehow managed to get to the graphics options & switched some things around as well. Nothing yields any results, actually the black screen has extended to the chat box as well since I started troubleshooting.

Since I feel like this might be a result of my involvement in the beta, I’m posting it here. Let me know if there’s an issue.

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