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RS Showcase for Character Team

A challenge was issued to RuneScape’s character artists: create new outfits to showcase your skill, content the likes of which RuneScape has never laid eyes upon. The challenge was met; indeed, I present the initial two of four creations today!


But I need not explain these fantastic new items when you can hear straight from the horse’s mouth! Mod Ante, one of the talented artists behind these fine new designs, explains

By sheer fortune, Halloween is almost upon us and is a most fitting time to adorn yourself with either of these unique ghoulish outfits. Don’t forget, two more outfits from the character team showcase will soon follow these two magnificent creations.

The Deathless Regent and Ravenskull outfits are available now so please do visit my store and take a look at all the fantastic items available. If you would like more RuneCoins, you can redeem Bonds in-game.

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A truly special treat arrives in my stores for you today – the Deathless Regent and Ravenskull, two fine new outfits with a story behind their conception…

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