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RS God Wars Dungeon Addy Bars?

For many old school runescape adventurers, when they heard GWD will come back, they instantly re-subscribed, got their stats up, did quests, bought gear just for Aviansies because noted adamant bars equals new method for smithing and they want to kill aviansies again. However, the coming of GWD didn’t bring addy bars to them which has aroused great upset and dissatisfaction. One of the reasons why those players show such high disappointment to the God Wars Dungeon is that they didn’t know Aviansies were going to drop unnoted bars ahead of time.


Now that it has been a fact that the OSRS GWD comes with un-noted addy bars, no one should be to blame because both Jagex and osrs players want a better GWD. In addition, such great new items as Staff of the Dead (the same as Staff of Light) and Armadyl Crossbow (a 100+ range item) are available to help you enjoy in the great dungeon.

According to Jagex, they explained that the noted addy bars was changed because they were hugely unbalanced and this also passed a vote. The adamant bars were incredibly overpowered and in the GWD poll that they were offering to bring out GWD with various exploits fixed and with those bars un-noted; that’s what the community voted to accept.

As adamant bars got heavily botted in the past and devalued the bars, it may not bad thing to let it unnoted in the new dungeon. What you should pay attention to is that God Wars Dungeon is a dangerous place, only cheapest Buy RS Gold is not enough for you to play the dungeon, in the following days, we will share you the newest GWD guide for you. Wish you have a good performance there.

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