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RS Choose Your Level Pouch of Guide

In this part of the guide, standard KB information is rearranged to help you select a useful familiar for your task more easily. Not all familiars or abilities included for space considerations, and many are mentioned in their appropriate skill posts. Also, please check the Knowledge Base for appropriate levels, charms, and shard amounts.


Do not consider this when choosing a training pouch. Instead, once you have a bunch of pouches, check the GE, High alch price(runescape gold), and calculate how many shards 70% would be and choose the highest value. If you can not trade them out yet but Bogrog is the best deal, have patients. You will get there soon enough and will gain enough shards for your next few levels.

It is best to choose the highest possible leveled(runescape gold) pouch you can use a charm for while training. If you can not get the second for the best pouch easily, save those charms for later, or use them for summons you find useful. Bogrog at the Gu’Tanoth Summoning obelisk will buy your pouches for 70% of the shards required to make them, provided that you are 6 Summoning levels past what it took to make the pouch.

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