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RS 3 CosPlay Competition

As you have several days left to make your costume better, you have high possibility to win armfuls of RuneScape stuff including 3 months of RS membership. Good luck to everyone who is going to enter and I can’t wait to see your outfits! If you need any runescape gold sale, Gold4fans welcomes for your visits at any time.


Do you remember seeing people in outfits at the last RuneFest? Wish this cosplay competition can surpass the former ones. Here are several rules that you should comply: 1. Make sure your outfit is RuneScape themed; 2. You must wear your outfit at RuneFest3 2013; 3. Your outfit must not be of any danger to others or to the venue (So only use soft weapons, no pyrotechnics and no barbed wire wings of death). If you are eligible, you are able to turn up in full RuneScape gear: dressed in a cape, wearing bunny ears and wielding a rubber chicken…, which will be something everyone wants to see a lot more of this year!

RuneFest 3 CosPlay completion in 2013 will give you a great chance to win Golden Gnome Awards. Just suppose how interesting and beautiful it will be when you are geared with RuneScape themed outfit walking in the 2013 RuneFest 3. As a faithful runescape player, you can enjoy yourselves with Buy RS Gold for sale cheap in the game, but it’s absolutely not the only way that runescape makes you fun. If you are confident to your awesome costume and want to get more from this RuneFest, just grasp time to make your good preparation from now on!

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