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Revelation Online new professional PTR test service November 8 skills adjustment

Dear players,

The following is a new professional PTR test service on November 8 to adjust the content.

1. Sting attack behind the bonus increased to 20%.

2. Bloodthirsty and Blade – Deadly skills range adjusted to 5 meters.

3. Intermediate chain hit the volume of a brake interrupted singing effect adjusted to: four-stroke hit within the stroke damage increased by 5% / 10%.

4. Down the spinblade and chain dance skills damage.

5. The dodge rate of the rotary blade increased from 30% to 40%.

6. Up Shadowblade system unparalleled value of the overall access speed, lower air brake system unparalleled value of the overall access speed.

7. The effect of the mountain and the wind on the slaughter and the prisoners.

8. Remove the primary poisoning volume of a Wu practice skills.

9. Chain and the shadow of the volt to kill the hit when the value does not hurt the problem we will repair as soon as possible.

10. Repair the description of the skills of the rotary blade, the actual damage per second for every 0.2 seconds to cause an injury.

11. repair of the high blood stab the volume of a brake does not have the correct role of the problem.

At present, the test equipment industry, the account number of the device is weak, resulting in some combat experience and the effect of confrontation with other professions is not good, we will provide a more follow-up standard role in the industry to replace the current standard.

These adjustments are not representative of the final results, the development team will be based on the player test and data feedback from time to time [industry brake] skills optimization adjustment or optimization of the entire occupation skills to adjust.

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