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To change the color of infinity robes Runescape players need to have a rune guardian pet to a RuneScape amulet or headwear, allows an element altar entrance Can also use the abyss, the better is to seek a talisman and access to the altar instead of the direct risk of infinity robes, the infinite can be colored robes, in four different elements of the altar. The water altar will let the blue robe. The fire altar allows the red robes, while the the air altar result is a white robe. Earth altar unlimited color robes brown.

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That means you could end up with two pieces of much-coveted Barrows armour!Don’t forget that every Winter Weekend hosts a new bonus next week there’ll there’ll be double rewards from minigames!Direct and most compelling message, the patch is a shortcut bar appears in RuneScape site. This sounds like a basic thing, but in RuneScape, it should be proved to be revolutionary.

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