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Why was Resonance gold changed? You are removing player strategies from the game.
Resonance has been nerfed in a broader way than that; the technical definition is “boss attacks which deal generic damage do not heal”; so not melee, range or mage damage. Whilst we want players with a shield to be able to last longer in combat than those without, we didn’t want to end their reliance on food to heal completely. The damage reduction of the resonance ability will still protect you from damage the boss deals, but the reliance on food comes into play again as you will no longer get all that damage back as health.

Will we ever get end-gear equipment that’s NOT degradable?
Unlikely. We feel that paying upkeep costs is appropriate for players with such high GP earning potential.When are you going to take a look at dual wielding? Right now, it’s always better to use 2H weapons when using abilities because of the 150% damage. It’s useless unless you use Momentum. We are looking at it right now.

With the release of level 90 weaponry for Melee, why hasn’t the Magic damage cap been raised?
We don,believe that???s necessary right now.

Why do we now need to be wielding a magic weapon in order to cast offensive spells, or use magic abilities?
As part of the change to allow offhand casting we needed to restrict magic abilities/spells to requiring a weapon. It was also a discrepancy as the other classes had their abilities locked behind weapon requirements as well. It allows full cross class wielding that should open up opportunities for interesting combat mechanics in the future as well as help the technical side of the things – standardising the systems as magic was previously using a different one.

How do I dual-cast different spells at the same time?
Here is how it works when selecting what hand you want to cast which spell:
If you select the right click “Autocast” on a spell and have 2 magic weapons equipped you will be asked what (main-hand or offhand) you’d like to switch to the spell you’ve selected. If you already had a hand casting that spell you’d also have the option to clear it. For example, if I???m main-hand casting fire surge and offhand casting earth surge, when I select “Auto-cast” on the earth surge, the option will say “1. Set as main hand” “2. Clear offhand” – as it knows what I have selected.

Why are Magic auto-attacks really slow now? Normal spells seem pointless now and Abilities now dominate PvP gameplay.
Magic auto-attacks should be at the same speed as before. If you are duel-casting, ensure you are actually casting with your offhand by selecting a spell in the manner described above.

Why have god books/illuminated books been left out of this system?
They have been left but not forgotten. We will be including them in a future update as we don’t want to tie all of them to the magic class.

What have you changed to make dual wield and 2-handers balanced?
There were some calculations that meant the normalisation the different weapons (2x/2h) went under didn’t result in the same values. The numbers powering these are the ones we’ve changed to bring them all inline and put the choice on the player rather than one clearly being superior due to a balancing issue.

Why has Vesta???s spear been nerfed?
I’m not aware of any nerf or change that would make this occur. It sounds like an issue with that specific weapon, most likely a bug which we’ll investigate.You need to buy runescape gold.

Are the changes to the Hexhunter bow deliberate? It has lost its innate ranged strength bonus, making it a relatively weak bow for its requirements and rarity.
A fair point given the uniqueness of the Hexhunter bow, we’ll look at re-adding it’s bonus.

What???s the latest status on the changes made to various Slayer creatures?
The Slayer creature XP was changed in an update shortly after World Wake’s release. We have since reverted the portion of said fix that was over-nerfing Slayer XP rates and they should be back to normal for the most part – the changes we intended for those creatures giving out too higher XP is now also in place.

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