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Override drops disappeared

I’m referring to the drops for the overrides, not the completed overrides.

I started as Saradomin, and I obtained the 3 drops for the weapon overrides. I switched to Zamorak and obtained those 3 drops as well. I stuck with Zamorak and got the 3000 sacred metal fragments to make the 3 overrides. I’m still on the Zamorak side, collecting fragments and collecting renown for the 20k tier 3 Zamorak emote that will come out later.

I realized today that my 3 Saradomin drops are no longer in my bank. Was there an update that disallowed us from having the drops from both sides in our bank, and Jagex took them away? Did the Saradomin drops disappear when I made the equivalent Zamorak overrides?

My plan is to play on Zamoraks side, get the tier 3 emote, then switch to Saradomin and do what I can to get the emotes and 3 overrides. I’m hoping I’m able to obtain the 3 Saradomin drops again. I’m a bit concerned that they’ve changed things, and I may lose all of my sacred metal fragments when I do switch sides.

I did submit a bug report.

Given that the premise for them raising the costs on certain rewards was that “players would work harder to get the rewards on both sides”, I would say that’s highly unlikely. Submit a bug report and move on. If Jagex are going to make any changes, they will announce them after they are applied.

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