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Not saradominist?follow zammy

Keep in mind also that if Saradomin wins, all of Misthalin and part of Asgarnia is going to side with him. That means Lumbridge, Falador especially, Varrock. Such a win guarantees him support, resources, and control. He will have a monopoly on human life.

Should Zamorak win, however. Falador’s faith will crumble up as they go either Armadyl, or Godless. Maybe even Zarosian considering we built an altar to Zaros in Falador. Bandosians will also be spared Zamorak’s wrath at first glance.
The battle isn’t really about Lumbridge. It’s more about Falador. If Saradomin loses, Falador will take the hit harder than Lumbridge ever will.

If you’re Godless. Falador will show a heap of support for no god rather than a chaotic god. Humans are one of the most influential races to the Godless, as they may rise together for freedom of oppression. Should Saradomin win, however, their support will instead fall under the eyes of the God of Order without hesitation.

If you’re Armadylian, you’re the next line for Justice. Part of Falador and Varrock will show their faith towards you.

If you’re Zarosian, you won’t have to hide as much as you would if Saradomin won. It’s easy to get mixed inbetween Zamorakians. Several strong, powerful knights may even join your cause. Would it also not make a fitting story for Zamorak to fall by Zaros’ hand, too?

If you’re Bandosian, then order should be the last thing on your mind. Fight in a chaotic battle and be spared from the puny Blue God’s wrath on all non-human non-icyene wrath.

Seren is as far from this conflict as possible. However, the elves her children must find unification before one is wiped out. Alongside that, it would be impossible for Seren to spread her beauty towards the human areas, thinking of her as corrupting a ‘pure Saradominist’ world.’

Alongside that, Zamorak is still a mystery. The only true personality we see from him is only in the book of gods. In the end, he seems to be the best candidate for an evolving Runescape Gold.

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