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Just make it downloadable

I don’t get why Jagex keeps holding on to their browser game thingie.

I don’t see why downloading the runescape gold game is such a big problem. Look at minecraft, you can play it either in a browser or download it. What’s the big problem with that?

Jagex has stated that they are currently restricted by the browser in order to have good performance for HTML5

You will never have updates that takes hours with RuneScape plus this is a suggestion to have a downloadable client for those who wish. Much like minecraft where you can either choose to play in a browser or on your pc. The advantages of a download is you don’t have to load the world every time again. So you have less bandwidth you use, less lag, better grapichs. Those who wish to play in a browser will have pretty much the same game as now, the java version without lag and the HTML 5 with lag. This could solve the lag issues with the HTML5 version.

I’m not an expert on this but wouldn’t this also allow Directx to be used instead of WebGL?
Download for those who wish high frame rates, the browser for those who don’t care about it. It’s a win/win situation for all players.

Many people don’t care anymore if it’s a browser game or not. When I was young I had a pc with bad specs, to bad to play games like WoW etc.. Now most people should be able to play a runescape 3 gold game like rs…

Not really a win-win. It would mean they’d have to do maintenance for both clients, they’d have to take time to develop one (they already have a downloadable client, just not the kind you’re asking for), the graphics couldn’t differ much as the textures wouldn’t be changed (the only difference you’d possibly see is additional atmospheric effects, but we have quite a few of them already, so it wouldn’t make much difference). A downloadable client doesn’t give that much of a difference in framerate than games that run in the browser.

The whole ‘make it downloadable’ thing is very overrated. The game is functional in its current form, albeit the HTML5 client is still being optimised; not exactly Jagex’s fault, more the fault of GPU manufacturers and browser developers. They’re already creating a downloadable client for HTML5, and the browser capabilities give better accessibility.

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