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Almera tells you that her boy is looking for a treasure in the waterfall. After talking to her, head to the back of her house, and board the raft.You will end up on an island with a bare tree. The boy, Hudan, is also there, so talk to him.After you’ve talked to the boy, use the Rope with the large rock, then with the dead tree, and you will end up at the entrance of the Waterfall dungeon.

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Do not enter it, but jump in the barrel and you will fall down the waterfall. Go just north of where you ended up, and you should see a house. Inside is Hadley, talk to him. He will tell you that the area is beautiful and tell you about the life of Baxtorian and his wife.Then, go upstairs and search the bookcase, and you will find a book named “Book on Baxtorian”. Read it, then speak to Hadley again.

Go back to Ardougne and bank all of your armour, weapons and runes that are in your inventory. Bring food and the pebble. Head to the Tombstone of Glorial, just north-east of Hadley’s tourist info center. Use the pebble on the grave and you will go inside. Note that if you have any armour or runes, you will not be able to get in! Once you’re in the cave, open and search the chest to get Glarial’s Amulet. Then, go to the coffin south of the ladder, and open it. You will get Glarial’s Urn.

If you want, you can go look at the grave of the lady, and you will notice that the tomb has a hole for a pebble.If you are looking to or sell Runescape Gold, Player Auctions is simply the safest choice. Then, go east and search the crates/boxes until you find a key.Then, go to the west side now and open the jail door, by using the big key on the gate. Talk to Golrie, and he will drop lots of junk. Search it to find Glarial’s Pebble.

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