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If jagex would release gwd with ags having a 100% spec bar

gwd doesnt bring money into the game. it brings items into the game, which is paid for by already existing money.

on topic, if jagex would release gwd with ags having a 100% spec bar. would all of you still oppose it?Runescape 2007 Gold.

Good point. I completely agree that we need a money sink. But a 100% spec bar does not change anything. In most cases it would just mean increased running away/teleporting.

I personally don’t care about PVM in OSRS and I have no desire for AGS in honor pking, especially while hybriding. The things mentioned that GWD would improve are better off dealt with some other way. I.e. new content.

I do however, enjoy killing rushers and people in general who bring large amounts of wealth into the wilderness. I won’t be too hurt if they want to use overpowed weapons as long as I’m the one killing them.

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