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GW2 WvW, How to Level in Hardest of PvP Situations




WvW leveling in Guild Wars 2 When comparing multiple games, Guild Wars 2 has its many ways of standing out in front of all the others. One of its well-known characteristics is the large diversity of methods to level. One of the more interesting ways of leveling in gw2 is the WvW map that provides a great variety of ways to gain experience quickly. The map itself is relatively large and has fantastic scenery and loot that players can keep and use.

Another game-mode for Gw2 is called structured PvP, which is not different from PvP in other MMORPG’s such as World of Warcraft. To make things more interesting, Arena Net made it so that when entering the WvW map, players are scaled up in level, traits and equipment. For those who aren’t sure what this means, your character is automatically boosted to level 80 and receives normal damage that a level 80 would get, although does not get their traits and skills upgraded. Because of level-scaling, large scale fair battles are made possible, no matter what level you are.

For those who don’t want to use this map as a only source of leveling, it is still very worthwhile to visit. From my own personal experiences, after doing some story/Karma Quests, the Eternal Battlegrounds are a great place to get wrap everything up. There you can pick up loot (equips, crafting materials etc.) unlock weapon skills (If you somehow haven’t done so yet) practice your weapon combinations and earn some skill points here and there. The place is not only fun but extremely rewarding. It adds overall freshness and outlook on GW2, and, as I have said countless times before, it is what makes GW2 a great edition to the MMORPG genre.

Even though I make it sound very inviting right now and others may also agree with me, there isn’t a complete guarantee that you will level quickly. WvW lets you receive experience for activities such as: killing other players, killing NPCs, capturing points, depending captured points and random other activities that are scattered all around. Of course all of these events have it set so that experience gain is affected greatly by participation and the type of event.

So really, you are going to see a steady rise in exp if you are constantly participating in events. Of course not all things will get you to 80, such as : Picking flowers, chasing people all the way across the map just to be killed, diving off of mountains into lakes full of ravenous creatures and many other ridiculous activities that I have seen firsthand and experienced sadly (Although they were very appealing at the time, and, btw, if you ever want to try them, go ahead, just don’t blame me when you’re not 80 in 24 hours :O)

Ok so now your mind is set on this thinking “ OK, this is going to be awesome because almost everything is going to give me exp so why keep reading?” To be truthful there will be certain scenarios that you will want to avoid if your goal is to level. Some of these activities are:

-Defending a point. Reason: You will be stuck there for so long that you will have to sleep next to you computer.

- Attacking a point that is DEFENDED. Reason: I want to put an emphasis on defended because very often one cannot siege a location without having rock thrown at him/her along with hot oil spill on them. If a point is not being held by anyone and you have a decent sized group then go ahead because capturing that point will in fact yield exp which is your goal.

- Picking Flowers. Reason: This is very well a self explanatory rule. Firstly you will look like a complete idiot trying to pick up something that you cannot obtain. Secondly you would end up messing up the game by making people laugh so hard at you that they would all instantly die. This would cause massive lag at spawn locations and possible physical harm to those that have breathing problems. If you want to pick flowers to badly then go and buy yourself Minecraft because if that was available in this game, I would have shot myself a long time ago.

So why again could this be a viable leveling location for me?

To sum all of this up again, you get the joy of actually getting to play one of the biggest things about GW2, its comprehensive WvW system, which is also one of the biggest reasons people buy the game. The PvP world mixed with exp gain makes it leveling that doesn’t feel like leveling AT ALL because you aren’t grinding your head off trying to find stupid papers or shaking every bush you see. I imagine it as if you are being handed money without any reason of work at all. From my view, the battlefield of Guild Wars 2 is a place that you can immerge yourself into and lose track of what you were going to do and leave with levels gained! As long as you don’t sit in a single spot trying to take a gate while screaming frequently at everyone for how terrible they are doing and how much better a ranger is than every other class, you should be able to have a fun time and be rewarded for that.

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