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Getting Gold In The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

One of the main complaints of a new user in The Elder Scrolls Online is the scarcity of gold in the game, something fundamental to grow the character and also to survive in the adventure, and that while you see how other users seem to be bathed in gold come wherever you go. But the truth is that getting gold in The Elder Scrolls Online is simpler than it seems if you spend a few minutes in each game to perform actions that other users do automatically.


And is that in The Elder Scrolls Online nothing is simple, but if you take it seriously you can make lots of gold to buy the newest gears and weapons, hire mercenaries and not be afraid to make a series of decisions. That is why below we give you some tips to become rich in The Elder Scrolls Online, and best of all is that you will not have to do any cheating.

These are the procedures you must do daily to earn gold in The Elder Scrolls Online, and with practice you will end up doing it practically automatically.

Hire Mercenaries

Many players are not in favor of hiring mercenaries in the game because they cost money, but the truth is that they are a very important vehicle to get free stuff. And is that all that free material they get can later resell it in the markets and get more money than it costs you to have hired a mercenary, so it is very profitable.

Steal Without Being Caught

With some experience and with the right level, you will be able to easily steal valuable items that you can later resell in the guild of thieves to get a lot of money. So you know, try to steal something day by day, but in good faith.

Harvest And Sell

There are a number of materials like wood, minerals, herbs or fibers that you can store very easily as they are stacked. Being stackable you will be able to transport them and then sell with great ease, much better than with other types of objects. So harvest and collect all this material because it is another economic source to take into account.

Increase Inventory Space

Obviously if we increase the space of our inventory we will be able to carry more things and in this way to sell a greater quantity of units. Try to buy the first inventory update in the first few bars of the game, since it will end up coming cheaper. Of course, when you reach a certain level you will find it more expensive to update the inventory, but you can always buy a mount.

Buy A Mount

Having a mount will have the ability to update them so they can carry more things, making the bag bigger. Whenever you improve a horse you will also increase the size of the bag with extra space. It costs us 250g to improve a horse and we can do it every 20 hours. And it is that it is more profitable to increase your bag by means of a horse than to update it through the sellers.

Sell Things In The Chat

The idea is to sell the cheap things to get rid of them instantly. If you sell it expensive you will have the problem that it will take many hours to sell it, and in the end you will get few benefits per day. So the idea is that you sell the cheap stuff through the chat and you get rid of them instantly, and repeat the operation every time.

Open All Chests

In a game of this style is essential to open everything you find, and especially the chests. The normal chests can give you 500g in content, although from time to time you will see some rare with up to 15, 000g of value. So do not stop opening chests as a possession.

Do All Missions

It is a way to make money for beginners, since at first they are the best way in which you can get money in The Elder Scrolls Online yes or yes. Simply do all the missions in the game and you’ll see how you’re kneading money to buy more inventory, hire mercenaries or have a horse.

With these tips to make money in The Elder Scrolls Online you will already have several sources of income to survive and successfully end this interesting adventure. Also, a easy way for you to gain ESO money fast is to buy cheap ESO gold on ESO-GOLD. If you want to buy cheapest ESO gold or power leveling, just make sure to spare some time to join in our site.

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