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Far and Wide:Runescape Transport Update

Far and Wide (free players and members)

We’ve beefed up the roster of destinations in the Lodestone Network with some higher-level, further-flung places, and made a bundle of other useful changes to RuneScape transport system. It’s easier than ever to get around Gielinor, meaning less time running and more time playing.

There are seven new destinations to unlock for the Lodestone Network. As usual, visit any of these once and activate the stone, and it’ll be just a Home Teleport spell away:


Eagles’ Peak

Fremennik Province




Wilderness Volcano

Note that only the Wilderness Volcano teleport is available to free players. It’s also important to note that you cannot be attacked in the Wilderness until your arrival animation has fully completed. Before teleporting to the Wilderness, you’ll receive the same warning that you would upon crossing the Wilderness wall on foot.

In light of these new teleport options, and others implemented in recent content, we’ve also made a collection of improvements to the way that existing teleport options work. In most cases, this is to add additional value to a teleport option that would otherwise have teleported you close to one of the new lodestones at additional cost:

The Nardah Teleport scroll has become the Pollnivneach Teleport scroll, and takes you just south of the well in Pollnivneach.

The Kharyrll Teleport spell now takes you just outside the Canifis pub – close to the bank.

The amulet of glory teleport to Al Kharid now takes you to Shantay Pass.

The Tai Bwo Wannai Teleport scroll now takes you slightly closer to the calquat patch.

The Rellekka lyre teleport now takes you right into the town – close to the docks.

thx. I’m gonna activate all the lodestones right away.
I’m interested in this tradeable rare on the SoF Friday. Hopefully I’ll have more luck with it than the past few SoF events.

How to unlock new Lodestone Network destinations

Take a look here for a full list of available Lodestone Network destinations.


For some destinations (specified here) you must be a RuneScape gold member.

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