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Events with known dates 1st to 8th centuries

1st to 8th centuries

1?:Gnomes return to the surface after hiding underground during the God Wars, although the dwarves were unaware of the end of the wars until millennia later.

1-100 (probably 30): Robert the Strong drives a new threat, the Dragonkin, into hiding.
Right after the beginning of the 4th age, the Fist of Guthix was created.

1-200: The druids, worshippers of Guthix, built stone circles to worship Guthix during this time.

31-60: The first star chart that is not destroyed was made in this time period, believed to have been made by the great astronomer Scorpius.

169: 14th Ritual of Rejuvenation takes place.
200-500 (approx.): Barbaric humans hunted the gnomes to near-extinction, causing them to retreat to hidden settlements.

600-900: Permanent settlements at Entrana, Falador, and across Karamja are constructed.

669: 15th Ritual of Rejuvenation takes place. Mahjarrat Mizzarch is chosen to be sacrificed.

700: Avarrocka, later known as Varrock, was built. Varrock is the oldest surviving human settlement outside the Kharidian Desert in Gielinor today. It was founded when a tribe found a baby abandoned, and took it as a good omen. The baby eventually became Arrav, a famous hero.Runescape Gold.

750-850: The people of Avarrocka became very powerful, and conquered their neighbouring tribes, eventually forming the first human nation, Misthalin. Misthalin, in the mid-Fourth Age, however, was little more than a rough conglomeration of tribes, all of whom paid homage to Avarrocka. Nothing that modern scholars would call a nation existed until the end of the Fourth Age.

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