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Divine location runescape suggestion

I know that they made it so you can only place a single divine location a day, plus a daily limit for balancing reasons, but I really hate this system, so I came up with an idea to make it better.

So here’s a simple suggestion:

Remove the daily limits, and make it so that every consecutive divine location you help with/place you get 20% less xp and resources from that location.

First location you get full xp/resources.
Second location you get 20% less xp/resources.
Third location you get 40% less xp/resources.
Fourth location you get 60% less xp/resources.
Fifth location you get 80% less xp/resources.

On your 6th location, you stop receiving xp and resources for the day.

This let’s players feel like they have more freedom, and I think would be more well received by Runescape Gold players, than the current system.

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