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It wasn’t the player’s who lost gigantic amounts of item’s fault. While i personally did not gain or lose anything during the time it was rolled back (i was waiting for an FC to start fighting vorago), i still support the Rollback. While it is true that there are glitches that happen from time to time that affect a small number of players and are generally not worth rolling back for, this wasn’t one of them. The arguement that ”there might be glitches, which you should have known” doesn’t apply either. Not only is it a bad arguement in the best of times, the server crash was:

1. Had nothing to do with the update. It would have happened without Vorago being added to the game.
2. Effected people did not just include those who were fighting Vorago.
3. Even if the above two did not apply, it still wasn’t the players fault.

So essentially the only arguement for not rolling back is: ”I value the gains of the 15 minutes more than the losses caused by the server crash.”
Which basically is your opinion. So please stop telling people to ”grow a pair”
However, in all likelihood, people lost more from the server crash. In 15 minutes, the average player lost 15 minutes worth of work. However, many people lost a lot of high end bossing gear, which for the average player that has said gear probably took several hours to obtain.

Also, the ”Jagex didn’t do it before when i lost a valueable item, so they shouldn’t do it now’ is also a really bad argument. Slavery used to be legal, yet i don’t see many people shouting ”Other people used to be able to make a lot of money from slavery, so why shouldn’t i?”

1. I agree. Jagex shouldn’t have let a server crash happen.
2. The fact that it hasn’t happened before doesn’t mean that it is bad.
3. If it only happens when influencial people say it should, that is bad, but the solution to that isn’t to set an ultimatum of ”we will never give refunds”.

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