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Discontinued runescape item to SOF

Please you must add discontinued items to SOF as its not fair for people who started yesterday to not have the same rare items that people who were lucky enough to be online 10 years ago has.

Everyone should have the same chance so i insist that you add ” rares ” to SOF so that every player can get their chance to get the items.Every player should be treated equally and i want the chance to get a ” rare ” item for free like other people did when they picked it off the ground.

It would crash the market for them and cause several people who have them to rage. Rsc Qpc has a red haloween mask for example. He likely paid several million for it.Personally, I think it would be funny as hell but that’s because I don’t own any of those kind of items.

So, it would cause people to rage and older players to protest. Obviously we can expect this in a few weeks. It’ll be as rare as the 200m, only available to members, and on a special wheel selection that only appears if you buy spins.

To be clear though: I have no problem with SoF in any way because I don’t feel it negatively affects me and I think it’s funny as hell to watch others rage about it (I stopped trolling though.

As soon as the playercounts drops enough, they’ll be desperate enough to implement that idea, i’m sure. It’s only a little step between new discontinued items and old discontinued items. Look at how they try to keep EOC haters aka OS vets playing RS by recontinuing the classic rares. Without them OSRS would have lived a short life, as there would be nothing to save for.

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