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Aggression and runescape dungeoneering

Are any monsters aggressive now? (Like Red Spiders and Flesh Crawlers before the EOC)
If they are, please list them to me.

Also, how do I dungeoneer in the EOC? (I haven’t dungeoneered since Runescape EOC)
And by this I mean, for example, I would usually bind 2 things: the weapon and body for my strongest class, now is it better to instead bind a weapon from each of my 2 strongest classes?

They changed the way binds work, so you can bind like 8-10 (I forgot) items at a time, and dependant on your level, can have a certain amount on you at any given time.

My typical setup is a 2h weapon, platebody and platelegs, and a saggitarian shortbow, although you could swap the shortbow for a hood or a blood necklace Should you have a level 90 or 99 weapon.

Also pretty much no monsters are aggressive anymore bar gwd without got protection.

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