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Month – October 2013

RS3 Guide for Plane-Freezer Lakhrahnaz Boss

The icy floorings enable you to travel only upright, straight, or diagonal, and your player will regularly moving till he strikes either the wall, a pillar, or in charge (Plane-Freezer Lakhrahnaz). Nothing can be done to stop your player while he is slipping on the ice. Lakhrahnaz utilizes 2 special steps which induce the player […]

RS3 creativeness for items challenge

“Long Valley”, the assassin experienced huge episodes is actually around death point out, and so the sweetheart Luna the aid of the future and come, entanglement and me personally right now, come up with dual character. Since from the future are available, satisfy their particular now, and today personal since known My partner and i […]

RS3 new High-Level Trees

Elder trees are great for gathering valuable logs, it’s not possible to grow elder trees through the Farming skill, and there are no elder planks to be used in Construction. Cutting elder trees requires at least 90 Woodcutting, and the trees can be sought out at ten locations around the world. They offer good Woodcutting […]

RS3 Being Rich of Cheap Gold

In the competitive market, it is vital for us to provide diversified, low-price and high-efficient service. If you are a Runescape adventurer, and would like to buy online to accumulate your Buy RS Gold, igxe would be your best choice. We have a 24/7 online professional team which can help you whenever you need. It’s […]

RS3 Smithing fast to level up

At first, find Squire Asrol in Falador, speak to him to receive the quest. Then go to the Sir Vyvin’s room to steal the picture in the cabinet. Note, I mean steal, not by speaking to Sir Vyvin, otherwise, you will not get the picture. You need to speak to others to receive this quest. […]

RS Showcase for Character Team

A challenge was issued to RuneScape’s character artists: create new outfits to showcase your skill, content the likes of which RuneScape has never laid eyes upon. The challenge was met; indeed, I present the initial two of four creations today! But I need not explain these fantastic new items when you can hear straight from […]

Runescape 3 Tickets Selling Out Fast

Your ticket will gain you entry to the event and the evening party, an exclusive RuneFest goodie bag, access to all areas of the event and free food at the party!For all the details on RuneFest check out our FAQ.Tickets for RuneFest 3 are almost gone, so be sure to get yours today and avoid […]

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