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Month – September 2013

Overrides on switched sides

I have a question to ask regarding overrides. I have recently switched sides from Saradomin, having obtained all three inventory peices for the Sara overrides (orb, hammer head, bowstaff) and turning one (the bow) into an override. However, now in search of peices of Zamorak Armour, I have switch sides. I currently hold the Saradomin […]

Old graphics option

Before I start ranting away, I’d like to say jagex has done a good job on this game and I mean no hate from this post. – Begins here – I’ve been playing rs since 2006 (not on this account) and truly loved the game. Though i have always preferred the old graphics. Im not […]

Magic butterfly net is broken

At the moment the magic butterly net won’t be used while trying to catch butterflies when you have the ability and hunter levels to catch them meaning the Forge Regents are impossible to catch for use in Summoning (I have them as my daily challenge). Apparently you have to pull it out. Makes no sense […]

Eat it zamorakians

How does it feel knowing you got handily defeated by the Mighty Saradomin? EAT IT. Saradomin will rule Lumbridge, then all of Gielinor. I find it funny how Zamorak is this almighty God in yet he lost so easily to Saradomin. You guys should switch sides to Saradomin like I have. I used to be […]

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