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Month – August 2013

Revamping adventures

Completely revamp the Adventures purpose and use. I’m proposing these things: Rename (really need help with names) – Game Guide – Noticeboard Re-purpose by: – Moving Quests and Challanges to Hero – Add things like a New Feed – D&D timers – Keep Minigames Tab – Grand Exchange Price Searching – Quick Forum Links [Recent […]

Response to red armdyleans

Hello all. This may be a controversial thread, may be a non-controversial thread, but today I’m here to stand up for all real Armadyleans. I was recently going through the forums and I found something that caught my eye, a thread entitled: “Red Armadyleans”. I thought that was odd. Using my powers of observation just […]

Zamorak should win for novelty

This is a game. This isn’t the real world. We shouldn’t decide on which god to support based on what they stand for but rather what would be the most fun option. Just think how interesting it would be if zamorak won. New things would happen to the kingdoms of Gielinor. Why keep things all […]

Change rift right click option

Hi, I’m not sure if this has been suggested before but – I think it would be very useful if you changed the Energy Rift’s right click option. Basically, make it so it has 4 options – The Current One First Convert Option Second XP Convert Option Third XP Convert Option This way we could […]

Override drops disappeared

I’m referring to the drops for the overrides, not the completed overrides. I started as Saradomin, and I obtained the 3 drops for the weapon overrides. I switched to Zamorak and obtained those 3 drops as well. I stuck with Zamorak and got the 3000 sacred metal fragments to make the 3 overrides. I’m still […]

Runescape divination suggestion

Overall, I think Divination is an interesting skill. Whilst it’s not boring, it feel’s to be lacking a drive to further excel your level within the skill. Skills such as Smithing, and Crafting are driven by the desire to craft your own Rune armour to sell on, or create your own dragonstone jewelry, in a […]

Spellbook page runescape bug

Somehow the telegrab spell teleported me to my poh, after changing from teleports to skill spells i clicked telegrab and it teleid me out of dag kings…… and missed a stack of water talis, Also please make a lock on inv so u can turn off drag drop ..tribriding and u drop weapons instead of […]

Just make it downloadable

I don’t get why Jagex keeps holding on to their browser game thingie. I don’t see why downloading the runescape gold game is such a big problem. Look at minecraft, you can play it either in a browser or download it. What’s the big problem with that? Jagex has stated that they are currently restricted […]

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