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Month – May 2013

How to get cheap runescape gold fast

As you know, runescape is a great mmo game to play. More and more players joined it, because it is really fun as you know. But if you ever play runescape, you will know that it is really hard to get runescape 2007 gold by yourself, like farming runescape gold by yourself, it is boring, […]

The company renowned for its MMORPG of RuneScape

Jagex. The company renowned for its MMORPG of RuneScape. Unfortunately, they are also known for their rather distasteful updates and their iron fist. However, does the name of this company deserve to be slandered? Have the ignorant or arrogant players besmirched Jagex’s good name? Let us look upon one of the most distasteful updates conceived […]

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